Unique and bold modern African cuisines, vegeterians and vegan options.

We do fusion tastefully!

House of Bah is a catering company that offers innovative food services centered on a fusion of modern African cuisines and modern techniques. We aim to promote inclusiveness and spark meaningful and relevant conversations in our communities by providing fresh and healthy innovative food centered on a fusion of emergent African cuisines and modern technique.

Our focus is to solve the need for diversity and inclusion in the hospitality, banquet, and catering services; the need for African cuisine's niche products and services; the need for education on the African culinary heritage; the need for new and unique dining experiences and delivery meals products and African vegetarians and vegan options.

To solve those problems, we aim to Introduce contemporary fusion African food as a fine/casual dining choice, prepared meals, and banquet menu into the Omaha hospitality marketplace; offer urban food dwellers new and niche products and services and the scholastic experience they are looking for.

We guarantee that every bite will take you on a tour of unique flavors.

Why settle for the same old things?

Unleash the foodie in you and experience Unique Afro fusion food!

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